bearing, roller bearing

 History in the spirit of innovation


Linqing Keteng Bearing is a modern family company, founded in 2004. Managed in the spirit of innovation. Keteng Bearing was instrumental in the development of bearing market. Initially as the first produce some Bearings for some China truck part company, Today we export all kinds of bearings to other Country for many years.

Our field of action is the world market


Thanks to our global presence, we research innovative products . To increase your technical capabilities and improve your commercial performance. Better. More flexible. More innovative. The guiding principle of our worldwide efforts remains your competitiveness.

The future – take a step closer


The globalisation of procurement markets in itself does not create added value. Neither for you, nor for your competitors. In what direction should the next step lead? What can you do when the “best product has been designed” and costs appear “fully optimised”? We will show you the concealed possibilities. We will show you what will work in future. We will show you what you need in future:


An all-embracing service concept, developed specifically to offer you the perfect bearing

Consistent reduction of the complexity of  bearing selection, for Purchasing, Technology and Management

Dynamic adaptation to the rapid changes of the worldwide bearing market

Linqing Keteng Bearing has the key – the key to the future of  bearing procurement. Take a step closer.



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